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Have a photo of you fighting a dragon in your Oklahoma tee?  What about a photo with some random hottie at the bar?  Even if it's just you sportin' your Oklahoma shirt while playing putt-putt, we want to share your story.  Send us your photos to OklahomaFlagShirts@gmail.com and we'll get them online as soon as the party on the porch winds down...



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Pic 1

Tessa Nichols (photo by Brent Allen)
Pic 3

Michael Beach, in Paris, on his trip around the world to place a rose rock at the grave of every Oklahoman serviceman buried overseas.
Pic 5

Michael Beach, at the Vatican
Pic 7

Johnny P., livin' it up
Pic 9

Jeremy Daggs, at College Fest, Stillwater, OK
Pic 2

Tessa Nichols (photo by Brent Allen)
Pic 4

Michael Beach, in Rome
Pic 6

Johnny P., in an Original Oklahoma shirt
Pic 8

Brad Piccolo, of The Red Dirt Rangers
Pic 10

Daggs, wearing his Okie colors in San Diego, CA

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